Love Prayer

                               Love Prayer

*Love prayer -Hi there, my name is Pearly from Kuwait. I am one of those people that believe that the only best technique to accomplish cheerfulness and delight in your relationship is through love prayer. Whether its powerful love prayer, but the reality is, as long as you have got the authentic love prayer, things should go accordingly. I proved that the time my lover was up and down giving no attention to our relationship and I saw that my relationship is in a bad space.

Then, my friend told me that the only way to attain happiness in your relationship is through love prayer. I met Jama and he prayed for me his love prayer, things went accordingly as expected, it took me three days to see the results. I fully recommend love prayer by Jama to everyone out there who are facing the similar relationship problem.

*“Healing the Heart” During my first healing session with Jama, I could barely speak without crying. In fact, I had been sobbing uncontrollably in front of friends and neighbors and therapeutic counselors with no signs of recovery. My grief at being estranged from my only child and grandchild was overwhelming and I couldn’t imagine moving forward in my life. After my first healing session with Jama, I knew there was hope for the future.

                  Love Prayer

I felt a peace that had eluded me for countless months. Six months later, after just four more sessions with Jama, the healing of my heart is nothing short of miraculous. Jama has literally led me on a path that saved my life. She has helped me heal both old and new spiritual and psychological wounds.

After months of living with worry and panic and finding restful sleep almost impossible, I am now finding joy, purpose, peace, and hope in my everyday life. Jama has a gift of healing that she shares with ease, generosity, and humility. Without being religious, she is a ‘Godsend’ and I will be forever grateful that our paths have crossed. Barbara, May 2015

                            Love prayer

*“Healing the Effects of Lyme Disease” lotus-blossom I have been struggling with the effects of Lyme disease for over ten years. The longtime illness broke my spirit and made me lose confidence in my body’s ability to be strong and healthy. Since working with Jama for the past few months I have rapidly improved and have learned so many incredible lessons along the way! My amazing journey of transformation with Jama has also brought me much closer to my husband, my son and even other family members.

Myself feel so much more connected to myself, my spirit, the source of my intuition. I now feel empowered to lead a more authentic and meaningful life. I have always felt like I had lived past lives, but nothing could have prepared me for actually observing and re-experiencing my past lives through my own subconscious.

The lessons learned and the clarity gained through this process have been incredible. Prior to working with Jama, I had done just about everything to treat not only the devastating symptoms of Lyme disease but also the broken person I had become. Nothing has proven as valuable and effective to my healing, physically and emotionally, as the work I have done with Jama!

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